Some important types of Toto Toilets

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Toto toilets are among the best toilets out there. Hailing from the Japanese company Toto, they feature a Japanese penchant for quality, technology, and attention to detail. They come in a variety of styles and types as well. Therefore, you will be able to find a toilet of your choice in Toto quite easily. Toto 토토사이트 toilets are characterized by many different things.

1. Bowl Shape – You will find both long and round Toto toilets. You can select the shape according to the size of your bathroom or toilet. The elongated ones are usually more comfortable.

2. Integrated flush or not: they are called one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets. The first will have a discharge tank integrated with the bowl. These look more stylish but are more expensive. The two-piece have a separate discharge tank. The two-piece ones do not come with the seat.

3. Shock Type: Toto shock types include Double Cyclone, G-Max, E-Max, and Dual-Max. They are all good and could be used in both commercial residences and high-end residences. Toto toilets do not come in a pressure-assisted variety. There are gravity washing systems.

4. Automatic or not – There are Toto automatic toilets that open the lid automatically when someone approaches, and close the lid and flush by themselves after the person leaves. You can change the mode to manual if you want. These even come with remote controls.

5. Antibacterial Enamel or Not: Some Toto toilets come with antibacterial enamel, which Toto says kills germs and bacteria and increases sanitation. The name of the glaze is SanaGloss. It also prevents staining.

6. Soft seat: this variety has a seat that does not make noise when closed. If you don’t want it, you can opt for the usual one. You can also buy the soft seat separately.

7. Height: In addition to the standard Toto toilets, you can also get ADA specific toilets from Toto. These would be useful in commercial or public establishments or in homes that house people with disabilities.

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